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This journal assignment will allow you to reflect on your own experiences as a mathematician. Just as everyone is not a concert pianist, you may not be a concert mathematician -- but you can produce more than just mathematical chopsticks!

Please share your attitudes and beliefs about mathematics and what your mathematical experiences mean to you, both forlearning and teaching mathematics. Some ideas to start are:

  • your mathematical strengths and weaknesses
  • successes and frustrations
  • concerns about this class or your future teaching mathematics
  • your philosophy of what mathematics is, how it should be taught, and how it is best learned

Your journal should be at least 3 pages, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins and font Arial 12. Please do NOT use aheader or a cover sheet. Only put your name and title of the homework at the top of the page. Save your document as a Wordperfect, Word, or RTF file.

WARNING: I cannot open or read WSP or PS files.

Please email your journal as an attachment before the start of next class period to

You are responsible for making sure that I have received and am able to open your attachment. I will respond to your email to indicate that I have received it.