Class Presentation

Your group will present a number system that is different from our base ten system. Research your number system, starting with the link provided. Some number systems are historical, some are currently being used, and some are proposed for the future.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation explaining your number system. Include a page showing the year 2011 written in the appropriate notation for your number system. Your 10-minute presentation should explain your number system, its base, type of number system it is (positional, character, additive/subtractive, other), notation, face and place values, and expanded form.

You will be graded on your research, understanding, communication, presentation, and accuracy of your 2011 representation. Every person in the group must talk during the presentation!

References: make sure you give credit for every picture you use (under the picture) and include all your references in a list at the end of your PowerPoint. Using pictures or information without credit is considered plagiarism.

Please have one of your group members send me a copy of your PowerPoint after your presentation.

Attendance at all presentations is required and will reflect on your grade.

Example PowerPoint presentation: Aztec number system

Class presentation worksheet

Class presentation topics

Class presentation rubric