Review for Final Exam

Natural numbers                                                        Fractions

Whole numbers                                                         Proper/improper fractions

Integers                                                                      Equivalent fractions

Rational numbers                                                      Fundamental Law of Fractions

Irrational numbers                                                     Ordering fractions

Real number system                                                 Fraction operations

Base ten system                                                       Fraction models

Place & face value                                                         Area model for multiplication

Expanded form                                                               Fraction bar chart

Binary operations                                                           Egg carton model

Inverse operations                                                         Pattern block model

Base 5                                                                             Division measurement model

Division by zero                                                        Find fractions between fractions

Division Algorithm                                                    

Listing factors & prime factorization                       
Factors & multiples                                                  Properties:
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic                      Identity elements

Prime/composite numbers                                      Closure

GCF & LCM                                                              Commutative

Relatively prime                                                        Associative

Divisibility rules                                                         Additive inverse                    

Patterns                                                                     Zero multiplication

Sequences & nth term                                             Multiplicative inverse

Arithmetic sequences                                              Denseness

Geometric sequences                                             Distributive

Other sequences