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SMTE 1350:
Fundamentals of Math I

Welcome to the webpages for SMTE 1350 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. This is the first of three required mathematics courses for students certifying as Generalist EC-6, Mathematics 4-8 , Bilingual Ed, or Special Ed K-12. This course reviews the Real Number System, other number systems, operations, properties, divisibility, primes, and sequences.

"These courses should be designed to ensure that the material is understood by the students at a deeper level than would be the case if they took a more traditional mathematics course....the material should be presented as much as possible in a form that connects to the ways in which the subject comes up in the elementary classroom....the courses should be such that they motivate and engage students who have come to fear mathematics and mistrust their own abilities to understand it at all. Finally, the course should involve opportunities and requirements for communicating understanding of mathematics" (Jonker, PRIMUS, 2008).


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