MATH 5322: Mathematics Assessment

“You can’t fatten a hog by weighing it.” So said a farmer to a governor at a public hearing in order to explain in plain language the dilemma of educational assessment. Measuring What Counts, p. 1

"We can trick ourselves into thinking that measuring a person's intelligence is like measuring the length of a table. But in truth, it's more like measuing a five-year-old's weight. Whatever measurement you get applies only for today. How will that child measure up tomorrow? In large part, that is up to the child, and to all of us." Shenk, 2011, The Atlantic, p. 5

"Observation of a student's actual performance on a task has been a fundamental tool of assessment throughout history. An apprentice performs tasks under the supervision of a master craftsman. A musician performs on her or his instrument in front of the music director. Athletic teams have tryouts and games where prospecitve players can demonstrate their skills. But mathematics students fill in a bubble or a blank to indicate that they can understand somebody else's solution to a problem." Mathematics Assessment, NCTM, 1991, p. 1

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