Task Assessment

Tasks are composed of five components:
  1. Task design -- meet with your groups to pose a problem and design a lesson using this problem
  2. Task implementation -- teach a lesson in your own classroom using your posed problem
  3. Task debrief -- evaluate your problem lesson with your group and plan the class presentation
  4. Task presentation -- present your group's problem lessons to the whole class; handouts and student work are encouraged.
  5. Task report -- write a 2-page narrative report describing your problem, lesson design, lesson implementation, group debriefing, and class presentation. This report is due the same night your group presents to the class.


You will be responsible for writing up your lesson plans for each task #1-4 in the most helpful way for fellow students to place into their portfolio. You may hand these portfolio pages out the night your group presents to the class, or compile them to hand out on May 3rd in class. Portfolios are due on May 3rd.