Family Math Night

Family Math Night is an opportunity for preservice teachers to get involved with children and parents to learn about doing mathematics together.

Each section of SMTE mathematics will work with a local school or organization to host a Family Math. You will bring your activity for parents and children to get involved with, and offer them a "take-home bag" so they can replicate the activity at home.

Be creative and think of an activity yourself! Remember it must be about the MATH, and involve families in learning and doing MATH together at home. Consider the materials needed and find a way to use common, inexpensive everyday things to explore mathematical thinking.

Take a look at the TEKS for various grades to see where your activity fits in. Include an area on your display board that indicates the grade and TEKS (paraphrased) that your activity addresses. Teachers and parents will be interested to see that mathematical activities also address the TEKS.

You will be representing the university, so please dress in professional clothing (no levis!). You should have no visible tattoos or body piercings.

Family Math Night activities

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