Baile folklórico, literally "folk dance" in Spanish, is a collective term for traditional Latin American dances that emphasize local folk culture. There are as many dances and traditional costumes in the folklórico tradition as there are states and regions of Mexico, Central America and the southwestern United States.

The state of Jalisco is located in the western region of Mexico. The folklórico dresses from this region have a double-circle skirt with multiple bands of bright-colored ribbons. A folklórico ranchera Jalisco-style dress requires a minimum of 22 yards of fabric and almost the same number of yards of ribbons.

The double-circle means that the skirt has two complete circles of fabric sewn together. This allows for the intricate and beautiful swirl of the skirt. The dancer can flip the skirt up and form a complete circle of cloth in front and in back of her.

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