MATH Survivor Overview

This activity is modeled on the CBS television show Survivor, which frequently has tribe challenges that are mathematical in nature. In this activity, each "tribe" will participate in tribal challenges, but no one is "voted off". You may choose how many and which challenges to use for your activity, and where and at what level you will have students participate -- at their desks, around the classroom, in a large room (gym, cafeteria), or outside.


(30 minutes before)
Prepare room/area with well-spaced activities; mark floor/cement with wide masking tape (or sidewalk chalk); brief volunteers
(15 minutes)
As participants arrive, assign them alternately to a tribe color. Give them a buff, a posterboard, and some markers. As each tribe gathers, they choose a tribe name and draw their tribe flag.
Challenges (4)
(1 hour)
Tribes rotate through the four challenges every 15 minutes. Tribe mentors keep track of points earned.
(15 minutes)

Tribe mentors total points and the winning tribe splits into two teams for the play-off for sole survivor. The winning team again plays-off until one winner is reached.

Prizes Prizes for the winning tribe are 100 Grand candy bars (tell them they are getting $100 grand). Any appropriate prize may be chosen for sole survivor (we used t-shirts, games, or frisbees loaded with goodies). Be sure and take pictures!
Clean-up Pull up all tape and reassemble all materials for next time!