COSC 1435 Lab 1

Purpose: This lab focuses on validating your email account and making sure I can communicate with each of you through email.

Due: Before class on February 4, 2013


1. Prepare an email to me ( from your email account. This does not have to be your university account (, but you must be able to receive email from your university account. Include in the email a short biography of yourself that contains as a minimum your year in school, computer courses you have taken during high school or college (especially any programming courses), what courses are you taking this semester, what are your hobbies and interests, your computer background, and your expectation for the course. Include in this email anything else you would like your instructor to know about you.

2. To show you have successfully logged into your CAMSLAB account, show the result of an 'ls -al' command at the root directory of your CAMSLAB account. We will demonstrate how to do this during the lab.

3. The subject line of this email should include the course number, lab number, and your name (example, COSC 1435, Lab 1, John Student). Send the email to my account. I will reply back to your email.

Grading Criteria: 25 points available for this lab.