COSC 1435 Lab 12

Purpose: This lab gives the student practice in working with file data, using arrays, and calling functions.

Due: Before class on April 29, 2013

Requirements: Do the following:

1. This program opens a disk file that contains student names and grades. Each student will have 12 grades. Do the following:

2. This lab requires a lab report/documentation package. All of these items are not typically in the same file (source code and sample output should definitely be in their own files), but the main lab report file must reference each item by file name. Here is a sample lab report. The main lab report must either be a text file (with a .txt extension) or a Microsoft Word file (with a .doc extension). The lab report must includes the following or references (the file name that was attached to the mail) to the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Purpose of this program.
  • Pseudocode
  • Program source code
  • Program output, with sample data.
  • How was this program tested, including the test values you put into the program to verify that it worked properly for all types of cases within the program specifications.
  • What problems/successes did you have with this program?
  • An estimate of how much time you spent working on this lab

Program Submission. You will be submitting this lab via Blackboard. The teaching assistant will provide further instructions on how to accomplish this. Prepare the following:

Submit via blackboard following the instructions given during the lab.

Grading Criteria: 100 points available for this lab.