COSC 1435 Exam 2 Review

The exam will be given on April 10th, during regular class hours. You will have an hour and 15 minutes to complete the exam. The exam will cover Gaddis chapters 5 - 6. I will provide a language reference from the inside front and back cover of the text. No calculators or other electronic aids are allowed.

Most of the exam will be problems, of three basic types:

There will be some short answer questions that reflect the quizzes, checkpoints, and review questions. There are no true/false or multiple choice questions.

Here is an example exam. This exam is designed to prepare you for the second exam in COSC 1435. It is significantly more difficult and longer than the actual exam, but if you can successfully complete this exam, you should be well prepared for the actual exam. But, remember that there will be areas and types of problems not covered in this exam that will be included in the actual exam.

Know all of the material from Exam 1.

Gaddis, Chapter 5 - Looping

Gaddis, Chapter 6 - Functions