COSC 1435 Final Exam Review

The final exam will be given on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 1:45 PM in room CI-138. You will have two hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam. The exam will cover the entire course, specifically Brookshear chapters 0 - 7, and Gaddis chapters 2 - 7. I will provide as part of the test package a copy of Gaddis C++ Quick Reference. You will be allowed a one-page, original, standard-sized, handwritten notes sheet. You will not be be allowed any other notes, calculators, or reference sheets.

There will be a multiple choice/true false section of the exam primarily covering the material in Brookshear. There will be short answer questions on the exam. Most of the rest of the exam will be problems, of three basic types:

I will repeat the type of questions and concepts from previous exams, that were frequently missed.

COSC 1435 Class Objectives. The following are the formal class objectives for COSC 1435. You can assume that there will be at least one question/problem that demonstrates your knowledge in each of these areas.

Know all the material in the Exam 1 Review and Exam 2 Review.

This exam is comprehensive. If the percentage score on this exam exceeds the score you received on either exam 1 or 2, the lowest exam score will be replaced with the final exam score.

The new material for this exam is as follows:

Gaddis, Chapter 7, Arrays

Brookshear, Chapter 2, Data Manipulation

Brookshear, Chapter 3, Operating Systems

Brookshear, Chapter 4, Networking

Brookshear, Chapter 6, Programming Languages

Brookshear, Chapter 7, Software Engineering