COSC 1436 Lab 13

Purpose: In this lab you will be bringing several concepts from previous labs into one class, with a driver program.

Due: Before class on April 30, 2013


1. Build a templated class that will store and work with integers, floats, and strings. The class must be able to do the following:

2. Build a driver program that will test your class using multiple types of data. As a minimum your class must work with integers, floats, and the string class.

3. This class should in two files, one a .h file and the other the driver program that contains the main. There should be no implmentation file.

4. Prepare a lab report/documentation package. All of these items do not need to be in the same file or word document, but the main lab report file must reference each item by name. The lab report must includes the following information:

5. Submit via Blackboard.

Grading Criteria: 100 points available for this lab.
  • The lab grader will be using this grading criteria to grade your two programs. The points will then be scaled to the available points.
  • Here is a C++ style guide from Dr. Fernandez that should assist you in coding your program. Style guide.
  • 100 points if all of the above requirements are met.