COSC 3353 Assignment 5

Purpose: To allow each student to use threading and locks in C#.

Due: Before class on April 15 (late assignments will not be accepted)


1. We will be simulating a simple bank that has 500 customers, who each have many transactions. You will be using threading to do this simulation. Where needed make sure you appropriately lock shared files during critical events. Use sychronzation where needed. This simulation is a simplified version of what really happens. You simulation should do the following:

The program you are to write must meet these criteria:

All output should be to the console.

All programs must be properly documented. The program should include extensive comments.

2. Lab Report. Prepare a lab report that contains the following information:

Submission: You will be submitting this lab via email. Attach all of the files to your email. This package will then be forwarded to other students so they can do a code review. For your submission, only include the source code and the documentation file. Do not include any of the data files or executable files.

Questions: All questions on the assignment must be asked in class or by email. The instructor will reply to questions via email with a copy to all class members. This is to allow all student to know the same information. If you send an email and I do not reply within 24 hours, please call or come see me.

Grading Criteria: The primary grading criteria for the exam is the quality of your program design, the use of the C# language features, and correctly solving the problem, especially the usage of threads and locking..