Survey of Programming Languages

Final Exam Presentation

Purpose: Each person will do a class presentation that provides an overview of the software they developed to manipulate media, the results, reviews the technology used, and discusses the programming techniques used.

Due: May 1, May 6, or May 13, 2013

Requirements: Present to the class what you were able to accomplish in manipulating media (photographs, sound, video, or some combination). The minimum requirements for the presentation are as follows:

Submission: At the start of your submission, in hard copy, give me the code you used to accomplish the transition. This may be one or more programs, as appropriate. If your technology, does not allow you to do this, please discuss it with me before the day of your presentation, so that there will be mutual agreement on what is acceptable. I will give you a grade sheet immediately after the class period you make your presentation. You will only be graded on what you presented and the code you submitted.

Grading Criteria: 150 points are available for the presentation. Those who are ready to do their presentation on May 1 will receive 50 bonus points and on May 6th a 25 point bonus. If there are more class members ready to present, then the order of the presentations will be selected randomly at the beginning of class, with those not getting an opportunity to present, presenting first during the next session. The grading criteria are as follows: