COSC 3353 Course Options

We need to make some decisions about where the Survey of Programming class goes next. We will make these decisions at the end of class on Friday, March 8, 2013.

The first decision is whether we want to finish C# and then use the rest of the semester learning Python or spend the rest of the semester on C#? If you choose the C# option then the rest of the programming assignments will be in C#, if the choice is the combined option then there will be both Python and C# programs.

The second question is what do we want to learn about in C#. If we decide to just study C#, we will have 14 classes on C#, if we choose to learn about Python, we will have 6 more sessions on C#. I have already prepared two classes on C# covering directories, File IO, Serialization, and XML. We can also learn about these C#/.NET areas:

Please come to class on Friday and know your answers to these two questions. For the second question, be able to prioritize the list and we will go as far down the list as there is time for.