COSC 3353 Code Reviews

Purpose: After you submit most programming assignment you will then be asked to do a code review. A code review allows you to look at another students code and give that student feedback on their code and the rest of the package. You will be assigned to accomplish two code reviews for each programming assignment. Code reviews are standard industry practices. You need to be able to look at other programmers code and help them improve their programming skills. You should also improve your programming skills by critically looking at other students code.

Each code review will be graded. Typically there will be at least two students reviewing each assignment, but there may be more if needed. I will also be using the code reviews to assist me in grading the original program.

Some reviews will be fairly short, for example if the code you are reviewing is well written, appropriately uses the language, is well-documented, and gives the correct result, your review will typically be under one page.

You may contact the author of the program before you submit your code review, if you have questions about the code/assignment. You may not contact the other person who is doing the review of this program.

Due Date: You will have one week to complete the code reviews. Your programming assignments will be due before class on Monday. I will then randomly assign your code to two other students to accomplish the code reviews, typically sometime Monday afternoon. They will be due the following Monday before class. That is why programs submitted late, will not be accepted!

Code Review Requirements: You are not grading the other students program, instead you are giving constructive criticism to the other student. Accomplish the following for each code review you conduct:

Submission. Submit your code review to me via Blackboard and send a copy to the program author via email. Zip your content if there is more than one file in your code review. Blackboard only allows a single submission per assignment, therefore if you have corrections or updates, they must be submitted to me via email. Reviews should either be written in Microsoft Word or in ASCII text. Your review should always contain the following:

Disagreements. If you disagree with what is stated in the code review, feel free to discuss your points of concern with the person who did the review. For example, suppose the person who did your code review felt that your program gave the wrong results on one or more test cases. Feel free to to work out between the two of you what the correct answers should be and if necessary, come to me to resolve the issue. If you both agree the original review is incorrect, please forward the corrected review to me, otherwise, I will assume the original review is acceptable to both parties. These corrections must be completed within one week of when the original review is due or the original review stands.

Grading Criteria: 50 points are available for each code review. So the two code reviews you accomplish has the same weight as the program you originally wrote. Here is how I will grade the code reviews: