COSC 3324 Class Presentation

Purpose: This is a individual project, where you will be completing a presentation and a paper on a programming language or an applications programming interface (API).

Due Date: These presentations will be given during class on Fridays on a date you will be assigned. The paper will be due at the beginning of class on the day you present.

Acceptable Languages/APIs: You may choose any language or API to make your presentation on except for the following: C, C++, C#, Scheme, Python, and .NET.

Selecting Your Language or API. On Friday, January 25th, we will be selecting the programming languages that you will be making your presentation on. You should research languages/APIs before class in order to know which you are interested in. This will be accomplished as follows:

Requirements: For your language or API do the following:

Presentation. There are 3 presentations to be completed in a 50 minute class. Each presentation can be no more than 15 minutes from starting setup, until the last question is answered. There is no way to cover all the requirements during your 15 minute presentation, that is the purpose of the paper. For your presentation you need overview/summary information. Just showing code and demonstrating programs is not enough. I would recommend the following:

I will not be providing any support for your presentation other than what is available in a standard class room. If you need it, you need to bring it. That includes any cables needed to connect to the classroom projection system.

Written Paper. Complete a written paper that meets all of the requirements given above. The paper should include all of the source code for the programs and printouts of the output of the programs. I am not requiring that the paper be in any specific style or length, but it must include references (no Wikkipedia) and be typed. Longer/more comprehensive papers tend to get better grades.

Grading Criteria: 150 points are available for the presentation. Here is the grading ruberic I will be using.