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Andrew Ole Anderson
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BIRTH: may have been Anders OLSSON originally? Christened 21 Jun 1843 Slimming, Malmohus, Sweden.

DEATH: died 11 Feb 1929; buried in Glenwood UT Cemetery.

NOTES: rider for the Pony Express, Marshal and Justice of Peace of Ephraim UT.

1853: family heard the gospel and joined the church in Sweden.

1854: family left Copenhagen on ship "Geiser" and arrived in Liverpool England. The ship log lists him as Anders ANDERSON.

1855: family immigrated on the "Charles Buck" and arrived in New Orleans; continued by steamer up the Mississippi River to St Louis and then on the Missouri River to Atchison, Kansas. The family continued by wagon train to Utah where they were sent to help settle Fort Ephraim in Sanpete County.

1860: WHERE???

1863: served as captain teamster to lead immigrants from Missouri to Salt Lake Valley; one trip he brought a threshing machine back with him.

1864: led 30 families south from Salt Lake and founded the settlement of South Bend later known as Alma and finally Monroe UT.

1867: mustered into service as a private at Fort Ephraim, Sanpete UT and served in Black Hawk Indian War.

1870: Ephraim Ward 2, Sanpete UT Territory census: Andrew 27 Sweden; Johanna 22 Sweden.

1880: District 70, Glenwood, Sevier UT census: Andrew 36 Sweden farmer; Joanna 32 housekeeper Sweden; Andrew 9 UT; Oscar 7 UT; Parley 4 UT; Caroline 2 UT; John NIELSEN 14 UT boarder/other; Mary ANDERSON 8 UT daughter; Frank ANDERSON 6 UT son; Archib'd D ANDERSON 5 UT son; Mary PETERSON 20 Denmark boarder married; Josephine 1 UT boarder.

1882: served on mission in Sweden (later served a second mission).

1890: released from prison for polygamy.

1900: District 129, Annabella, Sevier UT census: Andrew O 56 Sweden born Jun 1847 married 22; Amelia 40 Denmark born Nov 1859 7/4 children; Josephine 21 UT born Mar 1879; Marinda 18 UT born Sep 1871; Clara 16 UT born Dec 1873; Oliver 14 UT born Apr 1886. Next door to Archie ANDERSON 24 UT born Jun 1875.

1910: District 157, Glenwood, Sevier UT census: Andrew 66 Sweden married (3) age 30; Amelia 50 Denmark 7/4 children; Josephine 29 UT.

1920: WHERE???