Saltillo Hardin County Tenn                                                                                       January the 19th 1885

Dear unkle & Family With Pleasur I take this opportunity of writeing you a fiew lines to let you know that I hav not forgotten you all we are all well as common I hope this will reach your hand soon & find you all well connection is all well so far u I know except sisters mary & adaline mary has ben sick but is geting up again adoline is having the chills health is tolerable good through the country now excause me for not writeing sooner I received your letter some time back whitch we was glad to receive & here from you all but sorry to here of you looseing your baby but still when they go in infancy they are better off than they would be in this wourld time is tolerably good provision is tolerably plenty but money is very scarce cotton crops was very sorry well I hav not mutch of intrust to write to write you I would be glad to see you all & talk with you all I will register those seeds to you this week unless the post master thinks I had better wait for better wether we hav ben having a rite smart of rain a little back last friday morning it rained after twelve it went to sleeting & snowing & to freezing they is a lite snow on the ground now & a good deal of ice it is cloudy now loocks like snow speeking of those seed I don't think they will do you any good I don't think your climate will suit them I will send you a few of all that you spoke of it was too late … you wrote for me to ..early ….if this seeds appears to be doing any good you can write …….ofter so exceause me for this time so I will close for this time I want you to write to me soon as you get this I remain your nephew as ever

W. W. Delany To E. M Chalk & Family

I …registered those seeds………