Saltillo Tenn                                                                                                                           Oct the 6th 1889

Dear Unkle & Family All With Pleasur I take this opportunity of writeing you a fiew lines in anser to yours whitch came to hand last tuensday whitch we was glad to receive & learn you was all well but your self sorry to here of your cripple knee we are all tolerably well my wife had spell of typoid fever last spring She has not ben stoute since I hope this will reach your hand soon & find you all well. Connection is about as they hav ben far as know for some time. father has ben in a bad fix with his back & hips ever since latter part of last of winter he has suffered great deal he is a good deal better now for some time than he was last spring is tying to work some but is not able was ot able to work in the crop until towards the last aunt amanday holds her own tolerby will for a person of her age I heard the other day unkle Tim & family was all well there has ben a rite smart of sickness…last season & site of puny people several dead…sister amandays husband John wright came very near ding last spring with pneumonia & typoid fever two of their children had pneumonia fever one or two of sister adolins & docks ross children had a little spell of fever in spring Well unkle Milton I have not very mutch more of intrust to write only times are hard crops only tolerably we had a very weet season a heep of low lands drwoned out dry landwhere people could manage to get it worked enough tolerably good only cotton is not opening mutch yet if frost come early is bound to be short you spoke of a trip south I would be glad when you get to travling that you would come to this country I would love to see you there is several kind folks of us in this country well I will close for this time don't wait so loung this time about writeing my family all their respecks to you all so write soon

W. W. Delaney & Family Mr. Chalk & Family All