Saltilo Tenn
April 11th 1891

Dear unkle Aunt & family I take this opportunity of writeing you a fiew lines to let you know that we are all tolerably well at preasant we commenced taking deep sets of cold or lagripper the first of febuary there was four of us down at one time on the start they was a good while then that we was none able to do any work amoung hands of us we made out to feed cut wood and keep fiers. our second oldest boy we thought had a abcess on his lungs we thought a while he would ot live loung but he inproved a good deal in health color & strength all we hav had a site sickness since the last of last may my self & oldest boy came very near quiting of this world our third boy had three spells of fever he had one hard spell seven of us had nine spells of fever from last week in may till the middle September I think the drugs of a lite form of the grip that we all had the last of winter & first of spring & warm swultry wet winter & commonly wet last of July & august first of September must hav ben the cause of so mutch sickness my wife & oldest girl both keep up we hav another boy that made his appearance the 10th of January large healthy child so far fat as a pig. five boys & three gils a house full of us now. one girl dead. Well unkle Milton I do not know whether any of the connection has ever wrote to you about the death of aunt amanday or not she died Sunday morning after chrismas about four oclock She had a bad cough for several years it grew worse She had told me a time or two that she some times nearly concluded she had consumption se last fall She had rite tite spell of pneumonia lasted about a week. She got so she could be up the most of her time she taken something like the dropsy nothing seamed to do her mutch good for that. Still she had got some better of that chrismas day she hope a little to fix dinner she taken bad that knight died Sunday morning she had ben coughing her self nearly to death for a good while some knights she would hav to set up on the bed a part of the kight or go to the fie Connection is all tolerably well so far a I know except brother franklin he was very low last time I herd from him I hav ben looking for a letter for several days. Sister amandays older girl had a spell of fever this winter She got up & had married a young man naim is William barham Well father went to unkle Tims last week aunt marys health is bad. one of their twin girls had typoid fever two years a go is still very puny there is a site of sickness & a yeat many deaths through here esspecily a moung the old people excause me for not wrieing sooner I hav not got anser from you since last don' know what to think I hav ben waiting good while to here from you crps was very short lat year provision is scarce & high. I hope this will reach your hands soon & find you all well. I will close hoping to here from you soon So I remain as ever your mephew

W. W. Delaney to E. M Chalk & Family All