Saltillo Hardin County Tenn
March the 26th 1882

Dear unkle & Family
I take this oportunity of writeing you a flew lines in anser to yours of february the 26th whitch I was glad to receive & learn you was all well we are all tolerbly well & I hope these flew lines will reach your hand soon & find you all injoying the best of health connection is all well so far as I know they has ben a good deal of typoid & newmonia fevers in this country this last winter & a good many deaths you spoke of a heep of snow we hay had a uncommon warm wet winter & uncommon high waters & sights of destruktions & lots of people drowned in these low level countrys the winter has ben so wet people could not work mutch the wether is pleasant now & a fared? spring so far well unkle milton I aught to wrote sooner but I was aiming to go to unkle Jims in a flew days when I got your letter & did go I came from thar last monday. They was all well but complaing of very had times in their settlement I reckon provisions is as scarce in this country as most ever was known & is high well unkle milt one of my cosins got killed last monday eavning a little after dark a widow woman his wife sister sent for him to cut down a tree that had caugh a fire for would burn her fince the top had ben broken out for some time & left a stump of a tree about thirty feet high directly after he commenced choping a small split peice bust loose on the top & fell & struck him on his head he left a wife & two little children he was unkle rufurs delany son well I forgot to tell you that unkle Jim says now that he is bent on moving west this fall if his notion dos not chaing I hav seen him at other times in a powerfull way to move off but he is still here well unkle I have mutch more of intrust to write I would & talk with you I got a letter a while back from aunt amanday & John they are still keeping house & was well unkle Jack & red corbit & five boy are living on their old place by their selves my wife sends her respects to you all exceause me for this time I am suffering with the tooth ache so I will close by asking of you to write soon so I remain your nephew.

W. W. Delany to E. M Chalk & Family