Saltilo Hardin County
October the 1st 1883

With Pleasure I take this opportunity of writeing you a flew lines in anser to yours of August the 27 and Sept 14 whitch I was glad to receive & learn you all was well & doing well. I also got a letter of August the 1st in a flew days after I wrote last we are all in tolerbly good health I hope this will come to hand soon & find you all in good health. Connection here are all well as usual so far as I know. Health in this part tolerbly good still so far well unkle milton I hav not got mutch of intrust to write to you wheat crops was good this year corn on dry land is tolerbly good low wet land is very sorry unkle Jims crop is nearly all weet land he is not making mutch this year he is badly out of hart it is verry hard on a common farmer in this country to so near fail in a crop. I hav not heard from him in two weeks. They was all well he has ben ever since molasses cane came in verry busy a runing of a molasses mill for the settlement a round him. I hav not heard from aunt amanday in a good while I hav ben looking for a good while for a letter but none as yet. You wannted to know her post office its butlersville lone oak county ark. Well unkle Milton I could see you we could talk a great deal more than we can write. I hav not told you how high bacon & lard has got in this country it is cents per lb beef is 4&5 cents per lb flour per lb wheat $100 per bushel bread stuff is plenty hogs to make meat are scarce. They said to be scarce in these great hog raising states as well as here I will come to a close for this time so excaiuse my bad writing for I hav ben turning over stuble land & the wether is warm for the time of the year I feel trembly to day so write soon as you can conveinently. I remain your nephew.

W. W. Delany to E. M. Chalk & Family