Saltillo Tenn                                                                                                               Febuary the 13th 1887

Dear unkle Aunt & Family

With pleasure I take this opportunity of writing you a fiew lines anser to yours of … came to hand last Thursday eavning … glad to receive & learn you all well … & crops good we are all well … had colds I hope this will come to your hand soon & find you all well connection is all well as common except sisters ellentine & adolins babys they hav ben rite sick but was better a fiew days ago Aunt amanday keeps alonng verry well she came down a month or six weeks ago & stayed a week nealy with us I hav not heard from unkle Jim in several weeks health is tolerbly good through the country considering the forepart of the winter was verry cold & some deep snow & commeced early some three weeks now has ben wet & apart of the time sultry warm for the time of the year & rives is riseing well aunt elizabeth you spoke of good times And a good crop it to the reverse in this country our crops was very sort in this part of corse that makes hard times with a greate many people well ... you said unkle was not at home sem ... must be lonesom but still ... be makeing money verry f … I wish I could see you all … I hav heard aunt amandy … both when I saw unkle milton … between ten & elven years… in fifty as the saying is there has ben … of ups & downs since then I would love to see him & his family now so I will close for this time I you to write soon as you get this well you spoke of us coming to that country it is far I do not mutch exspect to evrry see that country to exceause me for this time & write soon.

W. W. Delaney to Elizabeth Chalk & family