Saltillo Tenn                                                                                                               June the 27th 1887

Dear unkle & Family All

With Pleasure I take this opportunity of writeing you fiew lines to let you know that we are all tolerbly well at this time Some of our children has ben rite sick since I wrote to you last I hope this will reach your hand soon & find you all well connection is all tolerbly well so far as I know Some of the children is puny you wrote to know unkle Jims address I can not tell you whether there is any place closter to him than decaturville or not he moved again last winter I hav not seen him since I seen his son billy that lives in henderson County last Teusday he said he heard that they was all well two weeks back I fogottan to tell you that our step mother is in a verry bad fix there is a tumor or lump of some sort growing inside of her she is suffering a great deal and is geting verry weak I think it will soon result in her death unless she gets better thare is a write smart of sickness in country now. I suppose it is partly owing to sutch a drouth the ground has not ben good wet since people planed their crops february was the wetest time I most ever saw Since then it has ben the driest time I think I ever saw of this season I hav seen the brances as low as the last of august & september as it is now we hav not had but one lite sower in over three weeks corn in roling up in places very bad some stalks the top is dead but yeat if it is the will of the good lord to send plenty of rain from this on I think there would be a write smart of corn made crops is said to be fully one month earlier than common a great pourtion of ... is bunching and to…ling...& of coure will soon ...corn is low but has looked well considering cotton is small … or has been very cool nearly all the seasons pleasant now but nearly candy I hope is gowing to rain gardens are just driing up cattle is ding up with what is called the murin well unkle milton I received your letter of may the 8th whitch we was glad to receive exceause me for not writeing sooner. I hav ben engaged in … lected writeing I wish I could see you all so exceause me for this time so I will close by asking you to write soon I remain your nepew as ever

W. W. Delaney & Family to E. M Chalk & Family