Coffevill Arkansas Nov 21

Deair Brother I Seet my Self to Draft you a few lins to in form you that wee ar well hoping these few lines Reach you and find you all well I have othing of intust to write you I Received your letter Some time back I neglected to write haven no paper and I have ot yet gotten anny. I was glad to hear from you their have ben a grate Deel of Distress in our nehborhood Since you was her Mrs Mason and Mr Mason and aunt Jain Woolford all Dide in a week of each other Mrs Mason Died the 29th of oct Mr Mason the 2th Nov Aug Jane Nov the 4th all n the Saim house Aunt Jaine went to wait open them taken Sick and Died Thoma Mason Makin preparation to move to Misouria his an Mr Masons house will be vacated and If you want to move up her their will be a chance to … house Rite clost to us I wold Like to have you her with me I have mad applickcation for ..pease of land on the white River and ther is a better forty lying sidins with mine all of it frunting the river that I wold lik itf if sutt you to homestid it Milton I want you to Tell Frank to come a he promist to and help me improve it without fail and if that fourty Don't Soot you mabe it will Soot him I want company until I can get a house up enny how if you cant longer Stay if lise a mils above the glaz [Grand Glaize]. just below Tuckers ner the widow Mintons Milton the next time you write what all the connection is doeing you Did not mention Frank or William in yor litter Milton I think I will come Down about cristmas I think I will bee their Some wher from the 23 to the 25 I want you to have pot of turnips I expect Sister Amanda to have me a Dish of white cabidg for the nex day Dinner, tel her. Stock is low all but hogs Stock hogs will bring amost enny price I Seen Jo Price yetoday …wer all well as fair as I kno Thomas Woodley has bin Ded Some 2 or 3 weeks give my love to all an tell them to

J. M. Chalk to E. M Chalk