Taylor May 6th 1878
Arizona Territory

A blessing given by L H Hatch patriarch upon the head of Elisha Milton Chalk the son of James Askew Chalk and Melinda Simmons borne Mar 19th 1848 in the state of Tennessee.

Brother Elisha in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth I place my hands on your head and seal upon thee a patriarchal and fathers blessing. Thou art an heir to all the blessings of the new and everlasing covenant being a descendant of the seed of Abraham through the loins of Joseph thou hast received the truth and rejoise there in and in as much as thou ....left thy blive? Land to be associated with the saints the Lord is well pleased with thee on the integrity of thy heart and if thou wilt continue in humility and fail not to call upon the Lord thy God in secret places every day of thei life thou shalt never fall. Behold this is the voice of the Comforter unto the and in the redemption of thy departed dead this cause they eyes hath been .... thy life shalt be preserved to do a good work thy eyes hath been opened to comprehend the truth and thy mission is unto the remnant of the seed of Lehi with them thou shalt have joy for the day of their redemption is at hand thy guarding Angle has watched over the and thou shalt be warned by Dreams and visions of approaching danger. Murmur not therefore for thou art called to be a savior upon Mount Zion and Faithfull shall enter into the house of the Lord and receive the fullness of the holy Priesthood and thy posterity shall grow up in the ways of the Lord and perpetuate your Name from generation to generation and thou shalt stand at the head of thy fathers house until the chain of the Priesthood shall be taken Back to the Days of Adam. I sel the [seal thee] up to come forth in the morning of the first Resurection to Reign as A King and Priest with Wives and Children All of wich shall be verified through Faithfullness in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.