The Story of Elisha Milton Chalk and Celia Ann Elizabeth Price

(compiled by Elaine Hansen Young)

Elisha Milton was born 19 May 18481 in Henderson County, Tennessee, to James Askew CHALK and Malinda SIMMONS. James Polk was the President, the Mexican War was being fought, and gold was discovered in California this year. The family moved to Jackson County, Arkansas, before Milton was nine years old. His mother died there the same year, and his father married Mary Emiline RAINIER. When Milton was twelve, his father died, and he lived with his older brother John MacDougal until he was married. The Civil War began, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, the transcontinental railroad finished, and the Suez canal opened.

At age 23, Milton married Elizabeth PRICE on 24 Mar 18722 in Jackson County, Arkansas. Celia Ann Elizabeth PRICE was born 29 Mar 18513 in Greene County, Alabama, to Eli PRICE and Nancy Elizabeth RICHARDSON. She was also know as Escelian and Betsey during her life. Her family moved to White County, Arkansas, when she was about two years old. Her father died when she was about seventeen, and she was living with her mother's brother, Alex RICHARDSON, at age 20.

Milton and Betsey's first child was born 1873 in Arkansas, and only lived twelve days. Another son was born the next year in Arkansas. In 1875, the family moved to Utah, where Milton was baptized by John McCalister in the Richfield 3rd Ward in 18764, and Elizabeth was baptized two months later. Seven more children were born while they lived in Glendale, Kane, Utah; two of which died as infants. In 1879, the family was sealed together in the St. George Temple, so the last six children were born in the covenant. Three of the six living children were baptized in their youth. The family was living in Glendale, Kane, Utah, in the 1880 census.5

During their lifetimes, Milton and Elizabeth saw the invention of the telephone, the invention of the electric lightbulb, the motorcycle, the subway, the automobile, musical records and movies. In 1896 Utah was made a state, and two years later the Spanish American War was fought. President William McKinley was assassinated, the North Pole was reached, and airplanes, radar, and plastic were invented.

Elizabeth died 9 Jul 19086, in Venice, Sevier, Utah, after living her last eight months in Monroe. She was buried in Glenwood, Sevier, Utah. The family may have moved to Salt Lake at this time, since the two youngest children were married there in 1908. In Milton's last years, the Titanic sank and World War I started. Milton died in Salt Lake City on 3 Aug 19167, and was also buried in the Glenwood Cemetery.


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