Sarah Ann Devoe

DEATH: buried in Hyde Park UT.


1820: Mt Pleasant, Westchester NY census: John DEVOE with one male under 10 (William); one male 10-15 (James); one male over 45 (John); four females under 10 (Sara and who? Where are Mary and Elizabeth?); one female 26-44 (Sarah).

1830: Westchester, Westchester NY census: John DEVOE with two males 15-20 (James, William); one male 50-60 (John); one female 15-20 (Sarah); one female 40-50 (Sarah).

1840: WHERE???

1843: moved to Nauvoo.

1846: moved to Winter Quarters.

1847: Edward HUNTER Company, Jacob FOUTZ's fifty, Ariah C BROWER's first ten: Absalom WOOLF, Andrew WOOLF, Hannah Elizabeth WOOLF, Isaac WOOLF, James WOOLF, John Anthony WOOLF, John Anthony WOOLF, Sarah Ann WOOLF, and Sarah Ann Devoe WOOLF (LDSWorld Gems).

1850: Great Salt Lake, UT territory census: John A WOOLF 46 NY; Sarah 38 NY; Absalom 19 NY; Sarah 17 NY; James 15 NY; Hannah 12 NY; Isaac 10 NY; John 8 NY; Andrew 5 IL; William 2 UT territory; Phebe J 9/12 UT territory.

1860: Nephi, Juab UT territory census: Jno A WOOLF 54 NY; Sarah A 46 NY; Isaac 19 NY; Jno A 17 NY; Andrew 14 NY; Phoebe E 9 UT territory; Harriet 7 UT territory; Homer 5. Next door to son Absalom WOOLF.

1870: Hyde Park, Cache UT census: Joh A WOLF 64 NY farmer; Sarah 55 NY; Andrew 24 IL; Harriet 16 UT; Homer 14 UT; Aurilla 10? UT; Phoebe BROWN 4 UT.

1880: Hyde Park, Cache UT census: John A WOOLF 74 NY farmer; Sarah A 66 NY; Andrew 34 IL; Homer 24 UT; Phoebe 14 UT gdau; Carrie GIBSON 6 UT gdau; Sarah E GIBSON 10 UT gdau. Next door to daughter Harriet GIBSON.

1900: Hyde Park, Cache UT census: Andrew WOOLF 46 IL born Feb 1846; Sarah 86 NY born Apr 1813 mother widow married 69 years 12/10 children; Phebe E GIBSON 49 UT born Jan 1851 sister married 28 yes 5/5 children.