George & Rose Young

December 1956: George's funeral

1956: DRoss and niece Kay Young

1958: Youngs? in Brigham City

1961: Dale and Adele

July 1961: DRoss' children boating
with Keith's children

June 1962: Rose and Clarice
with Keith's children

August 1963: Rose with Keith's family

August 1963: Rose with son Keith

December 1964: Rose
with DRoss' family

1964: Keith and Phyllis Crane

August 1965: Palmer and
Joy Young at Disneyland

August 1965: Oleen and Velda
Palmer at Disneyland with Joy Young

August 1966: Keith Young family with Rose at the Palmers in Utah

April 1967: Dale with
Becky and Kay Young

July 1967: Keith Crane family with
Keith Young's kids

July 1967: Keith and Phyllis Crane
with Becky Young

October 1968: Rose and
Velda at the Swiss Temple

January 1970: Rose and Becky Young

July 1970: Rose and Becky
Young at Mantua Canyon

January 1973: Keith and Phyllis Crane with neice Paula Young

Rose and her flower garden